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How to use the radar

The radar can be used according to the following configurations, chosen by the operator during flights

Transmittal timetables adapted to the altitude of the aircraft

  • Around 450m (for calibration on dihedrons): called altitude mode "0"
  • Around 1000 m altitude (± 100m): called altitude mode "1"
  • Around 2000 m altitude (± 100m): called altitude mode "2"
  • Around 3000 m altitude (± 100m): called altitude mode "3"


  • In rotation (speed chosen by operator in general 2 to 6 rpm
  • In fixed sight (azimuth aiming chosen by the operator)

Choice of antennas (transmission / reception)

  • On LI antenna only (antenna mode "10")
  • On MI antenna only (antenna mode ("40")
  • In alternation on antenna LI and MI (alternating every 30s automatically

Choice of polarization

  • Always in HH for mode_antenne LI
  • Either HH, VV, or alternate for MI antenna (alternating every 100 ms)