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Reminder of the objectives of the KuROS measures

In general, the objectives of the KuROS measurement campaigns are multiple: support for the CFOSAT space mission (preparation / validation) or other complementary space missions (Sentinel-1), study of air / sea interactions Waves and interactions with the ocean and the atmosphere) on a regional scale, preparation of future concepts for the measurement of marine surface parameters (in particular surface current).

Indeed, in addition to the objectives related to space missions, KuROS is a well-suited instrument for studying air / sea interactions on a regional scale because it is designed to give access to a fine-scale estimate Kilometer) of the directional spectrum of the waves, and of the surface wind. It is then necessary to contribute to the measurement of the parameters that influence the exchanges of momentum and heat, to study the impact of waves on these exchanges, or to better understand and parameterize the interactions between waves and current of surface.

In addition, KuROS can be used to better understand the content of radar remote sensing signals (in particular Doppler measurements) in order to better understand the physics of electromagnetic wave / surface interactions in order to prepare future oceanographic missions dedicated to current measurement of surface.